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Azumarill (PotW) by Falgaia
Azumarill (PotW)

This week’s Pokemon of the week is Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokemon. It lives in rivers and lakes. In water, its coloring and patterns trick the vision of foes. 

I put together this piece for Smogon’s Pokemon of the Week series on Facebook, originally reserving it for late November until the article got moved up to today instead, forcing me to rush out a piece. With my computer on the fritz as of late, I decided that watercolors would be my best bet. Funnily enough, I think this is the first watercolor piece I've uploaded here. I should work on fixing that.

This version also has some slight edits provided by the amazing :iconbummerdude: from Rare Candy Treatment fame, so a big thanks to him for that, as I can never seem to get the contrast to work right in Photoshop.

Go check out the full article on Facebook here!

Go check out this piece on my tumblr here!

Weavile (POTW) by Falgaia
Weavile (POTW)
A quick lined piece I created to cover a slot that opened at the last minute for this week's Pokemon of the Week over on Smogon.

I'm actually quite proud of how this piece came out, as I only spent around 4 hours total on it. It makes me happy to see that I'm getting better at finishing a piece more rapidly than before.+)

Now back to busting my ass to finish this ARCH project on time. +/
Mega Altaria (QC Front+Back) by Falgaia
Mega Altaria (QC Front+Back)
Smogon XY Sprite Project

Wow, remember back when I made sprites on a regular basis? Crazy, right?

This is my edit to Mega Altaria, a sprite I did Quality Control work on under the name of aXl on Smogon's forums for the XY Sprite Project. Original sprite made by :iconthecynicalpoet:, and featured in lower right. All sprites in this folder can be used as long as credit is given to the Smogon XY Sprite Project. And one of my aliases of course. +)

The backsprite is what's new here, and I think it uses the least black outlining of any sprite I've ever made.

Heyo all, just a quick heads-up that I submitted a last-minute piece to the Smogon PotW that I wasn't planning on making this time around, so you can expect to see a new piece here on Sunday. 

Stay awesome and I'll try to stay afloat in the mean time. +)
Staraptor M. by Falgaia
Staraptor M.
Made this as a leisure piece between ARCH classes based on a few of my earlier lecture sketches. Reeeeeeaally liked the way this came out, good thing I learned how to use the Smudge tool. +)

Have some appropriate music.

…on the lack of updates.

I recently went back into session at college, where I’m training to be an architect. Being a strenuous major, my digital art pieces will likely slow down a lot over the coming months. In addition, two of my more recent pieces are currently stuck in non-disclosure hell waiting to be released. So that’s unfortunate.

That said, I have started up a side blog that I have been looking to publish for some time now. The purpose of the blog is going to focus on archiving my side goal of working on one piece of art each day and give me an outlet for half-finished products and occasionally drawings that I like but don’t feel secure enough hosting on my main blog. Decided that a side blog would be better for this sort of thing, that way people can opt in/out of it as they please. So yeah, if you’re into sketches and things, that’s where I’ll be posting them.

The URL is . Go check it out for proof that I’m alive.

*originally posted on Tumblr, but thought it was relevant enough to post here.

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