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Hoopa Unbound (Collab) by Falgaia
Hoopa Unbound (Collab)
Smogon XY Sprite Project

Here's Unbound (asofyetunconfirmed) Hoopa's frontsprite, created as part of a collab with :icontrainersplash: for the XY Sprite Project. Basically we tossed it back and forth over the course of a week, with TrainerSplash doing most of the scratchwork and myself conducting QC in turn with him as we went. Good thing too, as we both noticed details that thew other would have missed completely. +)

All sprites in this folder can be used as long as credit is given to the Smogon XY Sprite Project. And one of my aliases and TrainerSplash of course. 
Queen of Clubs (feat M. Banette) by Falgaia
Queen of Clubs (feat M. Banette)
Made for Smogon's Smeargle Card Project. I called Q of Clubs upon seeing the project come back to live, because I wanted to contribute and Mega Banette had the perfect body shape. Added in the normal banette puppet as a callback to the original QoC designs. Also tried to use this as lineless practice, so it was fun to do at the very least. +)

I swear my next piece of digital art won't be Mega Banette related. In fact, I had already begun it before the Card Art project sprung up, so I can 100% claim that not to be the case.

EDIT: Removed the Suit since I'm unsure whether or not they plan on normalizing the suits in the future.
Turns out I couldn't stay away from the tablet for long. New Mega Banette-style piece is on the way, featuring one of my most recent spriting subjects.
I suck at trainer fusions by Falgaia
I suck at trainer fusions
Another WSC sprite for Serebii, this time for Week 9 where the goal was to, if I'm not mistaken, to fuse two trainer sprites together. I've never worked with Trainer sprites before, so this was just kind of a bleh week. 
Shadow Virizion by Falgaia
Shadow Virizion
Another Serebii WSC sprite, made for Week 6, where the idea was to create a Shadow-Lugia-Style sprite edit of an existing Pokemon. I actually came in first place again this week, and this would be the last time I placed as I began to jump in on the Smogon XY Sprite Project within the next month. This was a fun week, to say the least. +)


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United States
Don't be a heroine addict.
Don't worry, this account isn't going anywhere.

What is going somewhere are all of those flower drawings I uploaded awhile ago. Seeing as architecture coursework doesn't really fit in with the rest of this account's gallery, I decided that it would be more beneficial to instead upload the art on a second account. So, I have created an alt account dedicated entirely to my ARCH 1001 and onwards coursework. 

While its still a little barren for the time being, you can find all of my coursework, good and bad, at semiAquamatic. Feel free to jump over there every now and then to see what mess I've gotten myself into that's been preventing me from creating sprites. +)

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cospixels Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I'm sure you can guess by all the favs I just did, but I think your pixels are fantastic XD
Falgaia Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the compliment and the watch! Your work is pretty solid as well. I especially liked your isometric works, as they possess a lot of charm and character. Keep up the good work. +)
cospixels Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Aw thank you so much! n__n and the pleasure's all mine, your work is top notch!
TrainerSplash Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student General Artist
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lol I thought the Avatar would have given me away by now

ah well, nice to see you on DA, Splash. +)
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I had ideas, specifically when I first met you, bu then I lost you haha.

Nice to see you too. C:
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Thanks for the visit. Your sprites are great
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Thanks for the fave and watch! :)
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Do you take pixel request?
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