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Mega Sableye (QC Edit) by Falgaia
Mega Sableye (QC Edit)
Smogon XY Sprite Project

These are my QC edits of Mega Sableye, a sprite I did Quality Control work on under the name of aXl on Smogon's forums for the XY Sprite Project. All sprites in this folder can be used as long as credit is given to the Smogon XY Sprite Project. And one of my aliases of course. +)

Sableye pictured for comparison, I do not own the rights to the original art and I do not claim to. Detailed post goes up tomorrow on the main forums.
Mega Gallade (Front Only) by Falgaia
Mega Gallade (Front Only)
Smogon XY Sprite Project

This is my scratch sprite for Mega Gallade, made under the alias of "aXl" for Smogon's XY Sprite Project, posing alongside his non-Mega official sprite. Gallade is owned by GameFreak and Nintendo, and I do not claim to have made the sprite on the left by any means, he is simply present to highlight the pose shift present in Mega Gallade. All other sprites in this folder can be used as long as credit is given to the Smogon XY Sprite Project. And one of my aliases of course. 

Since I'm probably going to hold off on posting this to the forums for a bit, I'll chat about it here to pass the time. Mega Gallade is 100% scratched in the above image, even  though some of his parts do resemble previous Gallade sprites. This is because I tried something a bit different for this sprite in comparison to my usual scratches. Instead of drawing Gallade first and then shrinking it down in PDN for essentially pixel-overing, I instead pulled up two of Gallade's base poses and a 96x96 pixel blank canvas and drew lines and shapes until I found something that worked. This is because in college, pulling out my 3DS to draw can be somewhat awkward in the middle of class. In the process of making this sprite, I made around 8 attempts to pose the arms, 8 attempts to pose the cape, and another 3 or so each for the torso and legs, according to the layers present in the PDN file. Suffice to say, this project took about 12 hours to finish, although I think it came out looking phenomenal, so it's worth it. +)

Also worth noting is that I changed Gallade's base pallet in the Mega, even though it is debatable as to whether or not he actually changes color upon mega evolution. This was primarily because Mega Gallade primarily uses colors that played a more minor role in the original sprite, such as the head fin's teal, the legs' white, and the chest spike's red. Due to their more prominent nature, I increased the contrast between the two darkest white shades, created a new teal highlight and brightened the existing colors, and changed the orange-red of the original sprite into more of a red-magenta shade.

Final fun fact: The final pose of the sprite, featured above, is loosely based on Mega Gallade's attack animation.  The More You Know(tm)

Back Sprite coming soon, but since I haven't posted Pixel Art here in awhile, I figured I'd show that I am still active. +)
10/05 by Falgaia
This was fun to draw. Since I was going to be out of town, I woke up at 6:30 to draw this as the sun rose. I started out by drawing the podium, and started to add and subtract from the composition as more details became visible. 

Also, during 10/04 I was on vacation, and 10/06 was a sanctioned break day, so we didn't have to draw that day. So don't expect entries from those two days.
10/03 by Falgaia
Tried to recreate Fuzzball (9/28) on this one to a degree, replacing ink with pencil. Probably not as successful, but at least I got around to drawing the podium and glass this time.
10/02 by Falgaia
I was falling asleep while drawing this one, so it is a little lacking. My bad.


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Who would have thought that leaving an account unattended for a year would get it more views than before? Well, might as well do something with it. 

So yeah, hello everyone. This is my old DA account. I'll probably start uploading some of my new stuff here and clean this place up over the summer, since I have way too much free time on my hands, way too much garbage that's in the Featured section, and way too many pieces of art scattered to the four corners of my Photobucket account. 

To anyone wondering, yes, this is aXl from Smogon. To anyone who knows me from there, welcome to my personal slice of the internet that I never knew people cared enough about to actually go out and discover it. To everyone else, well, you're here, so welcome, I guess. Knock yourselves out.

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